WordPress is the most popular website platform to build fully functional beautiful websites. LAN Consulting employs experts that know how to create sites in days based on existing content. We also specialized in migrating non-WordPress sites into WordPress to give you ultimate control over your business online.

If you have struggled with the costly nature of nomadic developers that disappear leaving you with a successful business, but no ability to modify your web presence, we can quickly and affordably solve your problems.

New Websites

The best process is to get your content ready. Think about which web pages need to exist to get your business online and promoted correctly. If you have images you’d like to feature on your site, don’t worry about processing them, just have them ready and our staff with do all the work. When the site is finished, you’ll be given an administration account to enable you to modify any of the content without having to be an expert. If you know how to operate a Facebook account, then you have the skills. Too busy? That’s okay too, we can handle any and all of your updates should you have the need.

Existing Website

If you have an existing site, but you don’t know how to update it? Or you need the content updated, we can quickly get a copy of WordPress installed, migrate your content, and hand over the keys.


Regardless if you need new hosting, or want to switch from your current provider, we provide services that can setup an inexpensive solution that’ll run fast, and handle all your needs.

Just give us a call, and let us give you the controls!