LAN Consulting has been doing business since 2003. We are built out of industry professionals that labor to keep our staff up to date on all technologies both hardware and software.

With increasing labor costs and an ever changing market, we understand that your business needs to conserve money while creating highly functional offices that are customized to your needs. LAN Consulting has been built from the ground up to provide this exact need.

Our Method

We work quickly and efficiently to understand where you are in your office solutions, and where you need to be. We build custom fit proposals that take into account your technical requirements and your budget. We offer phased approaches and all-in-one build outs to get you to your goals.

In all cases, we attempt to use your existing software and hardware to achieve the configuration. Where new solutions need to be introduced, we work with vendors to ensure the best possible price points to save you money and compress lead times.


Once your company is up and running, we provide very competitive rates for routine maintenance should this be part of your model. It is our goal to make you as self-sufficient as possible. However, we understand that some hardware and software requires routine upgrades to maintain compliance and optimal operation. Our maintenance programs make this dependency as light as possible. Our staff is available around the clock to keep your company functioning at peek proficiency.


Sometimes your staff need refreshing on how various configurations operate. We extend our services to educate your staff to understand as much as they need to know to maintain this operational efficiency in the office. From hardware configurations to software basics, we offer scheduled sessions with your staff to pass along this invaluable information.