Enterprise application development is a critical part of any business. In several cases, there are off the shelf solutions that can get the job done, but sometimes you need to develop your own custom solutions.

Here at LAN Consulting, we employ the top industry professionals with over 20 years of web application development experience. From small solutions that gather data from customers to high-end platforms for fortune 1000 clients, we have the engineering background to build anything you need.

Economically Minded

We understand that web development can be an intimidating prospect. For this reason, we work with tried and true technologies that virtually all web professionals understand. This allows your company to avoid costs associated with costly platform technologies, and focus every development dollar on the solution at hand.

State-Of-The-Art Simple

We at LAN Consulting use LAMP platform technologies. This means we use industry strength Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP to build all your solutions. This suite of technologies provides a solid foundation for your business using free software on affordable hardware that will not haunt your bottom line month-to-month. Once our solutions are complete, you incur no operational expenses outside of your hosting. Given that LAMP can run on the most inexpensive hosting accounts, that cost is negligible.

As well, LAMP technologies allow you to hire low-cost engineers to maintain whatever we create. You only have to use LAN Consulting if you’d rather not take on that financial responsibility. The only time you’ll need help after we deploy your solution is if you need another feature in your product or a quick training session for employees.